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How To Assemble and Install Cabinets

The Cabinet Barn How to Assemble Cabinets


Tools Required

Screw Gun , Phillips Screw Driver, Wood Glue, Hammer, 1 ¼ Screws, Soft Damp Cloth


  1. Add additional 1 ¼ screws in the back where the bottom and top meet on uppers and on the bottom on bases. The easiest way is to draw a line and use that as your guide. It helps support the back when installing cabinets to the wall.
  2. Use soft damp cloth to clean up extra glue.
  3. If the cabinet has Cams make sure they are open before joining, If you try and force them you will strip the cam mechanism.
  4. If the cabinet has clips, make sure all clips are tight and set screws are in place.
  5. If in doubt, use Wood Glue. The glue is what gives it strength and holds all the pieces together for a lifetime.
  6. Each box should come with a set of very basic assembly instructions.

Base Assembly

A. Open box and separate all parts.
B. Use wood glue and put an ample amount in joint.
C. Put wall side in joint and make sure clips or cams are together
D. Tighten screws on clips and put in set screws in center if cams tighten cam lock, do both sides.
E. Put on toe facing, tighten clips or cams, use wood glue.
F. Glue three edges on bottom and insert, tighten all cams and clips.
G. Back panel glue all edges and back of bottom, insert into clips or cams and tighten.
H. Attach all 4 corner braces supplied with screws
I. Insert drawer glide clips in the back, put in set screw as needed, insert drawer guide and locate hole in face frame and hole in front of guide, make sure guide does not stick out past front of face frame, than put in set screw.
J. Put on all door bumpers, shelf clips and shelves.

Drawer Assembly

A. Separate all parts, glue Joints before assembly, attach sides to back piece
B. Slide in the bottom.
C. Attach front and glue and screw.
D. Put on drawer bumpers and insert in base cabinet.

Wall Cabinet Assembly

A. Open box and separate all parts.
B. Place side of cabinet down, Glue all joints and insert bottom and top, tightening all clips or cams.
C. Insert back, tighten clips or cams.
D. Put on other side, tighten all clips or cams.
E. Put cabinet on its back and glue all exposed edges.
F. Put on face frame, open door and tighten all clips or cams.
G. Add additional screws in the back of cabinet.
H. Put on all bumpers, shelf clips and shelves.